Let’s Not Save a Little Face


Are you hiding behind your brand?

Today I want to talk about how putting a face to your business / brand can help you land more clients + customers.

When you are navigating a website for the first time, where do you head to first? If you're anything like me, I head straight for the About Me / Bio page. I want to seewho I could potentially be buying from / working with + supporting. I want to get to know the business owner(s) and how their business came to fruition, their passions, their quirks...what makes them...THEM.

All too often, business owners (especially, small biz owners!) like to hide behind their business by putting their brand up on a pedestal as if it is either it’s own entity operating by its lonesome or a full-fledged TEAM (phrases like “we” instead of “I” — I am TOTALLY guilty of doing this in the past!). In the mix of starting or building a business it’s easy to forget that adding personality + character to your business makes it so much more relatable! For instance, I am 100% more likely, as a consumer, to purchase an item from someone who is transparent with their beliefs, their opinions and their passions.


Build Brand Confidence

Customers want to feel something when they purchase your product or schedule a coaching call. (This has A LOT to do with why I am super passionate / semi-crazy when it comes to my product packaging over at RadMaverix.com!) They want to see what you’re enthusiastic about, whether you’re passionate about your spirituality, a peculiar hobby, or that you are actually the crazy cat lady next door; they want to see and know you on a personal level. 

Take a few minutes this week and assess the face of your business. Here are a few ways to keep your website + social media relatable to potential customers: 



  • Do you have a photo of yourself visible?
  • About Me / Us page depicting your mission statement in your business life and personal life
  • Are you authoring blog posts as your business name or your name?
  • Do you hide behind “we” statements? 


Social Media:

  • Do you share photos of yourself?
  • Do you share with your audience what makes you “tick”?
  • Do you show them what you’re passionate about, outside of your business?
  • Are you sharing your humor? Reminder: Laughter is the universal language! Try adding some personality to your social media captions!
  • Be vulnerable! Share what scares the hell out of you, makes you sad, or drives you crazy! 

How do you feel your business ranks in regards to being personable?

0 = I hide behind my brand and

10 = I’m THE MOST relatable!