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I used to spend my time spinning my wheels trying to bring purpose to my life. Now, I wake up every single day, excited for my next big adventure while fulfilling my wildest dreams. Realizing your worth + abilities is the first step to launching your dream life.

I'm a designer and lifestyle blogger who shares a passion for radical living. Through my line of custom tees + tanks I blend soulful style with sassy southern confidence. On the Rad Maverix blog I share content that encourages confidence, inspires connections, and leaves women empowered to achieve their wildest + bravest dreams. 

You live, you learn & then you do better.

Katie Allen - Parker Kate Media

Katie Allen, Social Media + Marketing Expert

My goal is to bring the social back to social media. Relationships and connections are my jam, who doesn’t like to make an impact? I love to brainstorm + plan how social media can help a brand, business, or event thrive in this ever-changing world. I believe consistency is key. That message, the goal you have in your head? That’s the focus. Let’s bring it to life.

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Meg White

Meg White, Branding + Logo EXTRAORDINAIRE

For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to art, crafts, and problem solving. I wanted to find a way to combine them, and design was the perfect fit. I love the collaboration behind graphic design – working with clients to create something special together. And it doesn’t hurt to make the world a little prettier while you’re at it.

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